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Why choose Ultra Real Estate Services?
    Ultra Real Estate services is a local Real Estate Company Located in Dallas TX since 2004, Ultra Real Estate Services provide to Real Estate Agents with a PROFESSIONAL AND PEACEFUL way to do business and a great opportunity to be PROFITABLE in your real estate career. Our business structure encourages you to be PROFITABLE. Our agents receive 100% of their hard earned COMMISSION. Our excellent 100% Commission Plan Allow the Ultra Real Estate Agents PEACEFULNESS and economic freedom. Luis L Martinez Ultra Real Estate Broker and our friendly staff are available to assist our agents with any real estate related questions. YOUR 100% COMMISSION is paid at closing. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS with Ultra Real Estate Services. YOUR time is your own. Ultra Real Estate Services does not require mandatory office hours or quotas. YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER is yours and we are here to help you. Ultra Real Estate Services offers you a PROFESSIONAL environment along with a rich calendar of trainings. Our goal is to meet your needs and provide an environment of professional and peaceful support to help your business be profitable. Go Back
Which are my business opportunities?
    You may specialize in any TREC compliant real estate practice you choose. If you have received commercial real estate training, then you may do commercial as well. Go Back
How much money can I earn working with Ultra Real Estate Services?
    You don’t have limited in the amount of money you can make or the amount of transactions you can perform, you don’t have any minimum amount of transactions required to keep your commission. Go Back

What about the For Sale Ultra Real Estate yard signs?
    You can purchase your own signs for your listings. While at first that sounds like it costs you money, it actually MAKES you money because your phone number is dominant on the sign. Although the office number is required, you can put your number larger and more prominent on the sign which means you get ALL the buyer calls on your listings! Think of the additional business you will receive from that aspect alone. We have multiple vendors ready to ship signs directly to you.Go Back

Can I negotiate my commission?
    Yes, Our agents are on the front lines; therefore, you decide how much you will charge to your clients for your services. Go Back
Will my commission plan ever change?
    No, Since 2004, our policy has been to award loyalty by NEVER raising your monthly fee. If we advertise higher fees in the future, only new agents joining at that time will pay those fees. We will not raise your monthly fee. Go Back
How are commissions disbursed?
    You simply log on to our site, fill out the form, FAX your complete, executed contract to our office and we will automatically fax the CDA to the title company. Go Back

Must I pay to be able to use office facilities?
    No, You don’t have to pay to use the office. We do recommend you to be a member of your local Board of REALTORS® so that you can have access to your local MLS service. Go Back

Has Ultra Real Estate Services referring programs compensation?
    We build our business on the referrals we receive from our satisfied agents. We are confident that once you experience the quality and professional treatment you receive at Ultra Real Estate Services, you will be excited to be part of a different way of doing your real estate business. Since referrals are important to us… you will earn 1 FREE month or your next Transaccion  FREE for every agent that joins and lists you as their referring agent. So, if you refer 12 agents, you get 1 FULL year (12 months) FREE. Go Back

Will I have access to the office?
Yes, we do have one main office; our location in Dallas, TX has been open since 2004.
Also if you are in the DFW areas, you may use our full-service office location. Otherwise, many agents will ask permission of a title company to use a conference room or spare office. Some agents will use mortgage offices. Since wireless internet hotspots are just about everywhere these days, some agents meet their clients at local shops such as Starbucks or Panera Bread. Most wireless phone companies offer a laptop network card that will allow you to be online anywhere you can use your cell phone! With today's technology, the world is your office. Go Back

Ultra Real Estate Services Compensation Plans?
                                3 Commission Plans, Designed Just for You!!
        Option 1: 100% Transaction Plan.
        $0.00 monthly and the small fee of $319.00 per Transaction, E&O insurance Included and you receive your 100% commission at the title company. *TWO TRANSACTIONS DEPOSIT REQUIRED

        Option 2: 100% Monthly Plan.
        $55.00 per month and $165.00 PER CLOSED SALES TRANSACTION  E&O Included, you will receive the 100% of your commission at closing. *AUTOPAY REQUIRED

        Option 3: 100% Monthly Plan.
        $160.00 per month and $100.00 PER CLOSED SALES TRANSACTION   E&O Included, you will receive the 100% of your commission at closing. *AUTOPAY REQUIRED

                                $60.00 transaction fee per residential lease
                                $299.00 Transaction fee per commercial lease  Go Back
Do Ultra Real Estate Services offer trainings?
    Our trainings are simple. You can either join our trainings in the office on Thursdays or you can watch the trainings online through our website. We have lots of online trainings videos in the website. You can feel like you are right in a classroom! We also have training available through, By referral Only Team, where you can access webinar, Videos trainings, or audio trainings about important, relevant topics in the real estate business today. Go Back

What others benefits do I received?
            Request and approved your CDA on line and have your check paid directly to you at the title company Free E-mail
            Free Agent information web site with your picture and professional information
            On-Line Resources Library
            MP3 And On-Line Audio Files
            Industry Expert Interviews
            Videos Trainings
            Billing and transactions control
            Marketing ideas flyers, Post cards, and signs already designed for you use
            Direct control of your contacts
            Access to training calendars
            24/7 office Access
            Conference room
            Work stations ready for you
            Free phone use
            Free copies
            Free fax use
            Free scanners use
            No desk fee
            No offices fee
            No technologies fee
            No franchise fee
            No national advertisings fee
            No start-up fee
            No mandatory phone time
            No mandatory office meeting
            Mortgage in house

Go Back

How I get sign up with Ultra Real Estate Services?
    Ready to join? Just call the Broker 214-687-8262 and set up a private interview with Luis L Martinez to get started. After you fill out the short form, you will receive all the necessary instructions and TREC forms to complete the setup process. Go Back

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